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Meet the Staff of Kirkcaldy Kawasaki


Brian Neilson

Owner/Director, looks after aftersales at three outlets so not always easy to find. And he still has not given up racing - or at least sponsoring and spannering for some young up-coming stars. Will he ever discover the next Stoner?

Ian Crichton

Sales director. Ian has been selling bikes and cars for many years. Chances are you already know him. Think you can't afford your dream bike? Ian will find a way. Experience tells at the end of the day. Picture selected from thousands.


Michael Simpson

Senior mechanic. This is an old picture. And yes, needs a new boiler suit. Completed the full Honda training some years ago, now converting to the green machines Rides bicycles in his spare time.



Jim Cowie

Storesperson. Now established part of the furniture, but don't sit on him please. Doesn't take any holidays, just works away getting you the right parts. Does what he says on the tin (may contain nuts).

David Robinson

Kawasaki through and through. Used to have green hair. Actually rides a bike to work through all seasons so is well qualified to empathise with all motorcyclists. Will help you find the right bike on the right deal every time.


Craig Nuttall

Pdi mechanic. Takes time to do the job right first time. A low maintenance kind of guy. We're still working on ways to wind him up.


Scott Elliott

Knows his way around all things two wheels. Whether powered by internal combustion engines or pedal extremities. Not easily ruffled...

Dave Duncan

Driver and cleaner. Puts a shine on the day, never mind the bikes he cleans. Never stands still for a moment. Usually quite harmless but don't get him drinking. We're saying nowt about the Christmas party...


Kris Mcalpine

Another graduate of the Honda training school. And like colleague Mikey, now saving his pennies for a green boiler suit. Multi-skilled. Gets it right first time.


Robbie Jackson

We had to give Robbie a job as he refused to go away. What a find though. Mad about bikes. Mad about technology. Or just mad?

Ian Stewart

Driver. Cleaner. Cool dude. Used to look after inmates at one of Her Majesty's luxury hotels. Your bike collected, cleaned and delivered safely...





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